Write A Letter To The Superintendent Of Police Complaining About The Rude Behavior Of A Constable In English

Lohit hostel,
Jawaharlal Nehru University,

Superintendent of the police,
Jai Singh Road,

28 February 2023

Subject– Application complaining about the rude behavior of a constable

Respected sir,

I, Neel Sharma of the above mentioned address would like to draw your kind attention towards the rude behavior of a constable.

On the night of 28 February 2023, my friends and I visited the police station of Jai Singh Road. It was around 8 pm. My friend’s room was vandalized and he was beaten by some goons outside the college. We were there to complain about the incident. But the constable on duty was very rude to us.

He refused to listen to us for a long period of time and when we told them about the incident, he refused to believe us. At the end, we had to go to another police station to file a complaint. I request you to take appropriate action, the constable.

I request you to look into the matter and take action against the aforementioned constable. We will be highly grateful.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Neel Sharma C