Write A Letter To The Police To Report A Robbery In English

Chandni Chowk,

The Police Superintendent
Jai Singh Road,

25 February 2023

Subject– Application complaining about robbery in my area

Respected sir,

I, Khurram Qureshi of the above-mentioned address would like to draw your kind attention towards the robbery in my area.

Last night on the 27th of February, there was a robbery committed in my area. A young boy was home alone at night time as his parents were gone to a party in the neighborhood. He started hearing some bangs in his house. When he went to investigate, he found that two men were trying to steal some money from his house.

He shouted and created a ruckus, after which the man fled the scene. The boy said that not much was stolen from the house.Still there is a sense of fear and foreboding among the people of our area. I request you to visit our area and investigate the case.

I request you to look into the matter and help the people of my locality solve the case.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Khurram Qureshi C