Raag Darbari Summary & Notes Part 2 by Shrilal Shukla

Chapter 11

Ranganath hears the hauling of Kausahar Prasad-the father of Chote Wrestler (disciple of Badri Wrestler). He is quite wounded and has come to Vaidyaji to complain against his son who has beaten him.

He says, “Maharaj, this time Chote has murdered me. I can’t stand this anymore. You have to keep us apart or sometime soon I will kill him with my own hands.”

Vaidyaji remains unaffected and advises him to visit the hospital. This irritates Kausahar who goes away abusing his son. Shukla tells how ancestors of Chote used to beat their fathers and thus this practice is common to them. Chote’s great-grandfather beat his father and Gangadayal (Chote’s grandfather) used to beat his father.

Kausahar Prasad’s brother “had learned the art of insulting their fathers.” and “Kausahar’s hand’s wires accustomed to raising a lathi to his father once every weak that when Gangadayal dies they began to go numb for several days every month.” 

When Kaushar goes away, Chote comes. Vaidyaji gives him a degrading look and asks him to leave. However, Bardi shows some sort of support to him when Chote defends his beating.

Chapter 12

We are introduced to Gayadin who is the vice-chairman of the college managing committee and also owns a shop. He has a beautiful daughter-Bela with whom Ruppan is in love.

Ruppan had even written a love letter to her which was caught. Gayadin is rich and respectable because “he had the favour of Vaidyaji, the police, Ruppan, the local MLA and the district Board’s Tax Collector.”

Once a robbery took place in the house of Gayadin and his daughter and sister purposely hid the identity of the robber when police try to investigate. For Gayadin, every teacher is a fool.

Once a discussion starts regarding arranging an election in the college by those who are not on good terms with the Principal. However, Gayadin defends the will and the action of principle.

Malaviya says that principle wastes government’s money. At this Gayadin says, “It’s not right to get so upset over the public money. In any case, it’s bind to be wasted.” 

Shukla then describes a place called Chamrahi where untouchables live. He tells that even after the abolition of untouchability, such notions still exist in society. Some masters passing by the Chamrahi find Langar there who tells that he is about to get the copy without any bribe.

Chapter 13

Shivpalganj, live any other village, has an ahead or Pradhan. Currently, Ramadhin’s brother is the Pradhan and people are quite dissatisfied with him. 

Vaidyaji and all others present there to announce that they want Sanichar to be the next Pradhan of the village. Sanichar feels very happy and starts dreaming of being Pardhan.

Chapter 14

A mela is held in Shivpalganj and all people go there. Ruppan also hopes with Jognath (the one who makes advertisement posters). On the way, they meet policemen.

Jognath fears being teased by them. In the mela policemen tell Ruppan that they doubt that the latter (threat letter received by Ramadhin) is written by some student and thus they want his cooperation. 

At this Ruppan says, “You have our full cooperation. If you don’t believe me, go and see what happens if you arrest any student from the college.”  

Sanichar behaves like Pardhan when an argument starts between Jognath and Chote. Ranganath meets Langar who tells him that his file still in the office.

Chapter 15

Ranganath visits the temple for Darshan in a temple. He had been told that “the temple had been built in Sat Yug, millions of years ago.” However on examining he concludes that in reality temple is not very old. 

He goes inside the temple and seeing the picture of the assumed God, he questions its authenticity to the priest and is thus abused badly.

He would have been beaten as well but Ruppan handles the situation and takes Ranganath out and later says to him, “It’s not your fault, it’s your education’s.”

Inspector Singh appears in the market who demands Rs 5/- as a bribe to every shopkeeper accusing them of adulteration. But shopkeepers declare that they will give only Rs. 2/- each.

An argument begins and both parties remain unchanged. However, Ruppan interferes and ultimately it is agreed that every shopkeeper should pay Rs. 2.5/-

After a while, Singh exclaims, “In earlier days people used to give money and be grateful to you for taking it. Now they bring someone with them like Ruppan Babu.”

Meanwhile, a fight begins between Chote and a sweet-vendor. Chote gives him good blows. When the police come, Chote says that he had given money, still, he is demanding money.

On the other hand, the shopkeeper says that Chote has not given him any money and has also beat him. Finally, Ruppan settles the matter by paying Rs. 5/- to the shopkeeper.

A whore attracts Ranganath and a man also tries to make Ranganath take interest in her. However, Ranganath goes away. In the way, he asks Ruppan about the love letter he wrote to Bela but the latter ignores.

Chapter 16

Kausahar Prasad has filed a case against his son Chote and a meeting is held. For two hours, Sarpanch beats about the bushes and even calls Kausahar bast ard. At this Chote loses his temper and abusing Sarpanch and his justice drags his father to home.

Chapter 17

The election is held in the college. Principal having the support of students and police makes the arrangement of the even in his favour. 

All those supporting principles and Vaidyaji are allowed to participate in the meeting and those opposing are threatened and driven away by police and college students. Vaidyaji wins unanimously for the post director. 

Outside the college, slogan are raised “Victory to Ram Chandra, spouse of Sita!” “Victory to Mahatma Gandhi!”

Chapter 18

In the room of Vaidyaji. Principal, while talking about justice, narrates the story of a young prince to Ranganath. A Nawab’s prince falls ill and cannot be cured by anybody.

Ultimately saint comes to whom queen reveals that the prince is in reality, son of a Water-Carrier. Thus Hakim makes a joule of Kaurilla plants and prince recovers after taking it.

The principal says that in village kaurilla-brand justice exists. He says, “Whatever kind of court you require, you can find.” and adds, “If a kaurilla brand, low bred man once gets to a court that is higher than his status, he will be led in destitute” For him, only village courts can provide him fair justice.

Ranganath becomes aware of the unfair means used by Vaidyaji by which he and his men won the election. He doesn’t like this and talks about it to Ruppan.

Ruppan tells him that he too hates this and desires to make Khanna vice principal. It is about one month left to elections and like any other politician Sanichar too desires to arrange money and spend it in the name of welfare.

For this, he considers Kalika Prasad suitable as his “profession was spending government grants and loans. He lived in government money and for government money.”

Thus he has a lot of money and can also arrange money for him by unfair means. Sanichar tells Vaidyaji that he has heard that cooperative farming will help my grain production. So he is thinking of opening a cooperative farm in the village with the help of Kalika Prasad. Everyone is astonished by his plans.

Chapter 19

A complaint is made to the Education Minister against the unfair means used during elections. In order to handle the situation, Principal tries to “improve the appearance of  buildings.”

While he is guiding the labour I digging a pit, Khanna Master appears before him with the leave application. Principal ignores him it appears that a fight will soon begin.

Khanna Master, in order to gain support, starts abusing Principal loudly and a number of people gather there. Principal rejects the application because of grammatical errors. A fight breaks out and by the time of day, the matter reaches to police.

The principal goes to Vaidyaji to tell about the incident. A man comes from the city in a car who cannot live without delivering a lecture. Finding college students, he assembles and starts throwing words on them. 

When lecture ends “The boys and master wended their ways home imitating the way he’d kept saying ‘Brothers and Sisters’.”

Chapter 20

Badri Wrestler goes to the neighbouring district to bail out a young man. While he is away, Ranganath thinks of Bela and about the love letter Ruppan wrote to her.

When the letter was caught a number of rumours spread throughout the village against the character of Bela. “He thought of Bela a lot. So much in fact that hundreds of breasts and buttocks all of different shapes and sizes began to rise and fall in his mind.

The next night, while he is thinking of Vaidyji and Sanichar and the inauguration of the cooperative farm by Sanichar, he sleeps and feels as if a girl has hugged him.

He suddenly wakes up and finds a girl who sighs, “Oh Mother!” on seeing Ranganath. When he gets up she runs away leaving him in chaos.

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