Write A Letter To The Editor Of The Local Newspaper Complaining About Irregular Water Supply In English

Andheri East,

15 February 2023

The Editor,
The Hindu,

Subject: Issue of the irregular water supply in our locality


Through an article in your newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the issue of the irregular water supply in our locality.

Water is a commodity that is essential for the survival of any human being. We need water for the most basic of things. Recently, there has been an abrupt irregularity in the supply of water in our locality. Things have gotten to a point that there is no sense to the coming and going of water.

It can be stopped at any point during the day. And hence, it has become a very big problem, we cannot bathe or store water for basic necessities as we have no idea when it will come. I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter as this is becoming a problem for every person on a very basic level.

I hope that the prestigious columns of your newspaper will help reach this issue to the concerned authorities so that this problem can be uprooted from our locality.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Pratibha Kumar C