Write A Letter To The Editor Of Newspaper About The Drug Addiction In Your Village In English


6 February 2023

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times

Subject: Letter regarding issue of drug addiction in my village


Through an article in your newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the issue of drug addiction in my village.

I came to Delhi four years ago to find a place of employment for myself and I succeeded in doing so. I am from a small village near Moradabad. Recently, I visited my village to check on my family. That’s when I realized something was wrong with the youngsters there. After a little bit of investigation, I realized that they have been taking drugs.

It has come to a point that taking drugs is considered a common thing there and people openly sell drugs. This is illegal in itself and the authorities should help these people as they refuse to listen to any word of sense. Moreover, kids and adults should be made aware of the harmful effects of the drugs they have been consuming.

I hope that the columns of your newspaper will help this issue reach the concerned authorities so these people can be helped as well as justly punished.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,

Gaurav Gupta C