Write A Letter To Your Friend About Love In English

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Dear Tanvi,

Who are you? We are doing well here. Can you please help me write an essay where the topic is “love”? This is for my English project at school. I will share some points I know with you. “Love” is a feeling, a set of emotions. We love the people we like, and they have a huge impact on us. Some are lucky to be loved, but some are unfortunate in that case.

It is said that love will always win over hatred. It is a key to peace. Love connects people. Love also acts as a problem solver. We are taught to show love and compassion to our fellow human beings. Love makes humanity stronger. Everybody wishes to be loved. There are people who sacrifice their love as well. No matter what, one shouldn’t sacrifice their love. We should fight for our love. Is there anything left so that I can add to my essay?

Bye and take care
Your friend
Balu F