Write A Letter To The Editor Of A Daily Newspaper Complaining About The Construction Work In English


7 February 2023

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times

Subject: Letter complaining about the construction work


Through an article in your newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the issue of construction work.

There is construction work going on near the area that I live in..Usually we live in a very peaceful environment and everybody is very friendly to each other. But the construction has really started to get on everyone’s never now. It has been going on for far too long for a residential area, it is now nearing 8 months since it started.

It also goes on far too long than it is proper. When I returned home after work, I could hear the whirring of the different machines and it get irritating. To add to all of this, the workers have started to put up fights with the residents living near the area. I request the concerned authorities to step in and help solve this problem.

I hope that the columns of your newspaper will help this issue reach the concerned authorities so that we can acquire help from them.

.Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Rana Gupta C