Write A Letter To The Editor Of A Local Newspaper Complaining About Employing Minor In English

A9 Vasant Kunj,
South Delhi,

7 February 2023

The Editor,
The Hindustan Times

Subject: Letter complaining about employing minor


Through an article in your newspaper, I would like to shed some light and bring attention towards the employment of a minor.

Employing minors in any form is punishable under the law. While I was returning from work a few days before, I stopped at a local restaurant to have dinner. There I saw a boy who looked about 11 years of age working by washing utensils as well as cooking food.

When I asked the owner of the restaurant about it, he became angry and threatened to throw me out. I didn’t get the chance to talk to the minor at all. I request the authorities to look into the matter so that the owner of the restaurant can be punished properly as according to the law and that innocent kid can be given a better life.

I hope that the prestigious columns of your newspaper will help bring this issue to light and that the concerned authorities will help provide respite to the common people.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Sania Akhtar C