A Visit to The Radio Station Essay

In one’s life span a person has opportunity to visit many places and some of them leave a lasting impression. A visit to the radio station is always memorable. It is an important place which one cannot visit whenever one likes.

There are so many restricitons in entering the station. There is a procedure for visiting the place. Luckily, I had a chance to go to the All India Radio Station, Delhi, recently.

My friend brought two passes, one for visiting the radio station and another for admission to one of his programmes. This programme was broadcast in the presence of an invited audience.

I accompanied my friend early in the morning. We reached the radio station at half past eight. It is a big and beautiful building, neat and attractive. It has a large reception hall. One can hardly keep account of the rooms.

There are many signboards and name plates displaying the names of the sections and their officers. For the first time I saw the announcer’s room. It is sound proof. No sound of any kind can enter it.

I also saw the recording room where a programme was being recorded. I also visited the drama section. The rehearsal of play was going on there. It was a very interesting experience to see the actors working hard to catch and convey the spirit of the play.

Next, we went to the technical section which keeps everything going over the air. Engineers were busy there, looking after numerous machines. They make different channels work. The transmitters work faultlessly because of these people.

After having a round of these sections we visited the place where we were to watch the programme. It was a spacious room with a small platform. The artistes were occupying the platform while the rest of the room was occupied by the audience.

Soon we heard the voice of the announcer who announced that the programme was going to start. Soon the programme was on. It was a humorous skit, packed with fun and laughter. The show lasted for fifteen minutes. It was a highly enjoyable programme. The memory of the day is still fresh in my mind.