What is an Adjective | Examples | Types | Degrees of Comparison

Read this article to know about the adjective. Let us begin!

Adjectives are parts of speech that adds to the meaning of a noun or a pronoun. In other words, it gives information about the noun or a pronoun. Look at the following two sentence:

  1. LeEco Le 1S is a smartphone.
  2. LeEco Le 1S is a cool smartphone.

In the first sentence, we came to know that LeEco Le 1s is a smartphone. However, in the second sentence, we got more information by the word COOL. Hence cool, here, is an adjective. Quite easy?

  • Adjective Examples in Sentences

  1. My Samsung J7 is slow.
  2. Shahid’s Baleno is comfortable.
  3. American cars are amazing.
  4. Zanco Tiny T1 is the smallest phone in the world.
  5. Tiger Zinda Ha is an action movie.
  6. They are quite happy.
  7. I am sad because of my exams.
  8. His MacBook Air is very slim.
  9. Kubla Khan is an interesting poem.
  10. I love English Grammar.

In the above examples, the green words are adjectives. These words are adding to the information of noun/pronoun.

  • Kinds of Adjective

There are mainly 7 kinds of adjectives. 

Attributive Adjectives

Following are the attributive adjectives:

Proper Adjectives

Remember proper noun? The adjectives derived from proper nouns are called proper adjectives. Proper adjectives always begin with a capital letter in English. e.g. Indian from India, African from Africa, American from America, European from Europe etc. 


He is an Indian.

I have many Bengali friends.

I love Romantic Poetry.

Interrogative Adjectives

Interrogative adjectives (which, what whose) are like interrogative pronouns. These are used with nouns to introduce a question. e.g. Which Andriod Version your Mi A1 has?, Whose pen drive is this?

Demonstrative Adjectives

The words This, That, These, Those and Such are Demonstrative Adjectives. e.g. This Ferrari is amazing, Those players are corrupt, I don’t like such watches.

Possessive Adjectives

The words my, your, his, her, its, our, their when used before nouns are called Possessive Adjectives. e.g. This is my bag, What is your WhatsApp number?

Indefinite Adjectives

All, any, many, several, few etc are indefinite pronouns. e.g. Many Swift cars were sold last year, All these students are from JMI.

Other Types

Articles (a, am, the), Participles (barking dogs, falling star etc) are also considered adjectives.

  • Degrees of Adjectives

There are three degrees of adjectives: Absolute, Comparative, and Superlative.