10 Examples of Direct and Indirect Speech

Here are 10 examples of Direct and Indirect Speech in English.

  • Direct: He says, “Jack kills a giant.”
    Indirect: He says that Jack kills a giant.


  • Direct: He said, “I am a hockey player.”
    Indirect: He said that he was a hockey player.


  • Direct: He said to me, “What is your name?”
    Indirect: He asked me what my name was.


  • Direct: I said to my friend, “Work regularly.”
    Indirect: I advised my friend to work regularly.


  • Direct: He said,Hurrah! My brother has come.”
    Indirect: He exclaimed with joy that his brother had come.


  • Direct: Shoaib said,Let us go on long drive.”
    Indirect: Shoaib suggested that they should go on long drive.


  • Direct: He said, “By God! I am innocent.”
    Indirect: He swore that he was innocent.”


  • Direct: She said, “Let me have some coffee.”
    Indirect: She wished that she might have some coffee.


  • Direct: I shouted, “Let me do my work.”
    Indirect: I shouted to them to let me do my work.


  • Direct: Call the second witness.” said the Judge.
    Indirect: The judge ordered them to call the second witness.

24th February 2018

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