15 Examples of Past Perfect Tense

Introduction In Past Perfect Tense, we use had and 3rd form of the verb (past participle form) with all the pronouns and nouns. Examples He had taken the selfie. She had committed suicide. It had rained. I had found my phone. We had taken a bath with each other. They had ended their relationship. You … Read more

10 Examples of Past Continuous Tense

Introduction In Past Continuous Tense, we use was/were and the first form of verb+ing (present participle). WAS is used with He, She, It, I and singular nouns.WERE is used with We, You, They and Plural Nouns. Examples I was going to the Pub. He was dancing like a Nagin. She was taking selfies before dying. It was raining yesterday. You were talking to her. We were making fun of her. They were taking bath together. Alam was running towards the train. Those … Read more

Past Indefinite Tense Examples

In Past Indefinite Tense, we use the second form of the verb with all the pronouns and nouns. Examples He ate food. We took the bus. She bought a TVS Scooty. It ate all the grass. They made fortune. I sent them back. Amir made a paper boat. Boys wept a lot. Keys dropped from … Read more

10 Sentences of Present Continuous Tense

Here are 10 sentences of the present continuous tense. He is going to England. She is eating insects. It is raining cats and dogs. Azhar is playing PubG. You are dancing like a lunatic. You are preparing too hard. They are campaigning for election. We are weeping for no reason. We are eating vegetables. They are hanging around. Here is a detailed explanation of the Present … Read more

20 Sentences in Simple Present Tense

In this article, we will discuss 20 Sentences in Simple Present Tense for better understanding. I go to the President’s House. Sun rises in the East. He takes a bath once a month. She takes selfies. They take the bribe. We speak lie. It rains every day in Assam. You eat Pizza every weekend. I listen … Read more