15 Examples of Past Perfect Tense


In Past Perfect Tense, we use had and 3rd form of the verb (past participle form) with all the pronouns and nouns.


  1. He had taken the selfie.
  2. She had committed suicide.
  3. It had rained.
  4. I had found my phone.
  5. We had taken a bath with each other.
  6. They had ended their relationship.
  7. You had played Ludo Star 2018.
  8. Google had banned spam sites.
  9. Ankit had updated his phone’s apps.
  10. A number of websites had stolen englishsummary.com content and got penalized.
  11. I had made a mistake.
  12. We had done our work before he came.
  13. He had driven my car before it fell off the road.
  14. They had gone too far.
  15. You had done too bad with her.