No Men are Foreign Poem Summary by James Kirkup

Introduction The poem No Men are Foreign written by James Kirkup is about universal brotherhood, love, harmony and equality. In this poem, the poet says that we all live on the same earth, have same body, emotions, food etc. There is no difference between us. Hence we should never consider people from other nations as … Read more

Wind Poem Summary by Subramania Bharati Class 9

Introduction The poem Wind was written by Subramania Bharati in Tamil language and was later on translated into English by A.K. Ramanujan. In this poem, the poet talks about the wind, its cruelty and then advises the readers to make themselves as well as their houses strong enough because the harshness of the wind makes … Read more

Fog Poem Summary by Carl Sandburg

Introduction Fog is a 6-line short poem written by American poet, biographer, journalist, and editor Carl Sandburg. According to wikipedia, the poem was written by the poet when he was going to interview a juvenile court judge. On the way, he encountered fog. He had a book of Japanese haiku (poem) with him. He decided … Read more

A Tiger in the Zoo Poem Summary

Introduction The poem A Tiger in the Zoo written by Leslie Norris is about a tiger that has been caged in a zoo. The poet describes how it spends its time in the zoo and what it would have been doing if it were free and in the forest. The poem has been divided into … Read more