Keeping Quiet Poem Summary by Pablo Neruda

Introduction The poem Keeping Quiet written by Pablo Neruda is about peace, fraternity and prosperity. This poem during 1950s, a time when the world had suffered a dead war. The poet too has experienced the repercussions of war and his appeal for peace shows that he is fed up seeing humans killing each other for … Read more

Childhood Poem Summary by Markus Natten

Introduction As the name suggests, this poem is about Childhood and innocence. The poet who is an adult now, misses his childhood days and his innocence. He find the adults as hypocrites. Hence he longs to find the innocence which he had in his childhood. The poem has been divided into four stanzas. The poem … Read more

Green Snake Summary by BR Lakshman Rao

Introduction The poem Green Snake is originally written by BR Lakshman Rao and translated into English by AK Ramanujan. In this poem, the poet describes an incident when the poet happens to see a green snake near his house. His parents kills it at once though the poet told them that the snake is harmless. … Read more

Trees Poem by Joyce Kilmer Summary

Introduction The poem Trees, written by American Poet Joyce Kilmer is about the beauty of nature, especially the trees. The poet wrote this poem when he happened to open the window one fine morning and was charmed by the beautiful trees outside his home. The poem has been divided into six couplets and is quite … Read more