The Lake Isle of Innisfree by WB Yeats Line by Line Summary in English


In this poem WB Yeats expresses his desire to visit the Lake Isle of Innisfree as he is tired of urban life. The poet imagines to be doing a lot of things after going into the lap of nature. In this way, he will be able to enjoy the peace which he could not get in city life.

The poem has been divided into three stanzas having four lines each. In the first stanza, the poet tells what he wants to do. In the second stanza, he longs for peace and in the final stanza, he imagines that he is at the shore of lake.


Stanza 1

According to the poet, he will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree. Note that in the very first stanza, the poet is eager to go to the lake of Innisfree. He uses the word go twice which shows that he is quite tired of living at the current place.

In the next line, he says that he will build a small cabin (probably hut) of clay and wattles (branches) there. The poet desires to make a small hut of clay and wood. He is not interested in constructing fancy buildings or any decorative things. Again, the line shows his discontent with the city life.

In the third line, he says that he will make nine bean-rows and a hive for honey-bees. In this line, the poet imagines to sow beans in nine rows (the rows will look charming) and also build a hive for honey-bees

In this last line he desires to live there alone and enjoy the music of buzzing sound of bees in such an open and vast area (glade)

Stanza 2

In the second stanza, the poet talks about peace which he will enjoy there. According to him, he will have some peace there as peace comes dropping slow. These words show that the poet is not finding peace in the city.

According to him, peace comes dropping slow i.e. in a slow pace unlike the city life which is always in hurry and rush. The nature is slow and patient and thus the poet desires such environment.

In the second line, he says that the peace will come dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings. The poet is comparing peace with the rays of sun which come slowly and the veils of morning (i.e. night) go away. And soon the cricket starts singing. Poet desires such peace and music.

In the third line, the poet talks about the day and the night which he will enjoy at the Lake Isle of Innisfree. According to him, the midnight will be shining with stars, the noon time will be glowing in purple colour and evening will be full of linnet’s wings i.e. finch birds will be flying all over during the time of evening.

Stanza 3

In the final stanza, the poet says that he will arise and go now (to the Lake isle of Innisfree) as he imagines hearing the lake water lapping (moving) with low sounds by the shore (of the lake).

In the third line, the poet feels that he is at the shore of the Lake Isle of Innisfree. According to him, he imagines that he is standing on the roadway or on the pavements grey (way) and hearing the sound of lake and of bees and of linnets in the deep core of his heart.