Short Speech on Women’s Empowerment in English

Good morning honourable chief guest, Principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Today we all have gathered to celebrate women’s day.

On this special occasion, I am honoured to present my speech on women empowerment.

We all know that women have suffered a lot over the years. In earlier times, they were considered as non-existent. They did not have voting rights. They could not make decisions for themselves on their own. They were dependent on men for everything.

But over time women realized their power and revolution of women empowerment began. Women empowerment means making women powerful and capable of making their own decisions.

The question is why there is a need for women empowerment?

A country needs a contribution of all its people to make progress. We cannot grow as a nation if only half of the population is educated and working. Women empowerment can reduce poverty and can provide a better chance for the next generation.

Each country has a history of ill-treatment of women and all of them realized the importance of women empowerment. Women can be empowered in many ways. Education for girls should be made compulsory, women should be given equal opportunities and equal pay at work, child marriage should be abolished from every part of the world, and many more things can be done.

Governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and women themselves are working for women empowerment. As a result, women have voting rights, equal participation, etc. Women are doing well in all areas of development.

In India, women are progressing but have safety concerns. There are security issues. Rapes are happening every hour. Women empowerment does not only mean equal rights but also the safety of women. It is the duty of the nation to protect its every citizen. There is a need to pay attention to the security of women and respect them.

Thank you.