Short Speech on Sports day in English

Good Morning everyone. I extend a warm welcome to our respected Principal, teachers, honourable chief guest and my dear friends. Today we are gathered here to celebrate our sports day.

We all love cheering for a cricket match on the television. We like playing badminton in a lane near our house. We also play various kinds of sports-based video games. This defines our love for sports.

Sports play an important and necessary role in our lives. It is a great activity that gives us various benefits and helps us with physical fitness too. It helps us build self-esteem, motivates us, improves concentration and much more.

Our school has a variety of sports such as basketball, football, badminton, cricket and swimming. We are encouraged to choose the sport of our choice and excel in that sport. This not only helps us with physical fitness but also gives us a career opportunity too.

Our school is one of the best in sports. Students from our school have played both at the national level as well as international level. We have won various medals including gold, silver and bronze in badminton. We have also received trophies in basketball and football.

For today also we have practised a lot and will be showing you all a number of matches and games. Before we begin, I would like to congratulate the sports staff of my school for putting in the effort and making this day possible.

I would request the parents to cheer and sit tight in their chairs for the efforts made by students. Here we begin our sports day.

Thank you.