Short Speech on Natural Resources

Dear Principal, teachers and my dear friends.

We are gathered here on a special occasion. On this happy occasion, I would like to present my speech on an important topic of natural resources.

Natural resources are the ones that are found naturally. They are god gifted to us and are not man-made. Resources like wood, soil, oil, minerals, petroleum, and water are natural resources.

These valuable resources are exploited by us for our economic gain. We are overusing them and they are depleting. There is a need to understand that these resources are to fulfil our needs, not greed.

The natural resources are of two types, renewable natural resources, and non-renewable natural resources. Renewable natural resources are available in abundance and have the capability to renew. For example, water, wind, soil, etc.

But the non-renewable natural resources cannot be renewed. For example, petroleum, coal, natural gas, etc. We have limited of them.

There is a need to conserve our natural resources. These resources do not belong to us only. They belong to future generations too. We need to save them for our future generations to enjoy.

We should start using alternative forms of energy to save our natural resources. For example, we can use solar energy instead of electrical energy. We can also use biogas instead of overusing petroleum. We can also promote reducing, reusing, and recycling of natural resources.

We can conserve our natural resources in many other ways. We can plant more and more trees to save our forest resources. We can prevent the dumping of industrial wastes into water bodies. The burning of fossil fuels should be controlled.

As human beings, we have some social responsibility towards our planet and its resources. I would request you all to join hands for the conservation of our natural resources. If each one of us will work for conservation, we can build a better tomorrow with resources available for future generations.

Thank you very much.