Short Speech on Van Mahotsav in English for Students and Children

Good morning! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear companions. Today we all have gathered here to celebrate Van Mahotsav.

It is an annual tree-planting festival which is celebrated in India every year. It is celebrated in the first week of July that is from 1st July till 7th July.

It was started on 21st august 1950 by Dr. K M Munshi, the union minister for agriculture and food, to spread awareness among the people. Van Mahotsav is also known as the festival of trees and the festival of life. Thousands of saplings are planted across India by the people during this week of the year.

Trees are the most precious gift given to mankind and it is our duty to save it. But man is destroying it for his own selfish needs and ends. He is cutting down the trees and we are steadily moving towards the path of destruction.

Imagine a world where there will be no trees and no forests. I know its really hard to imagine. For the love of nature, we need to save and preserve it.

As mankind is dependent on trees for their needs, this week should be utilized in a creative way. Each one of us present here should plant more n and more trees, spread awareness in forms of street plays or rallies so that even the illiterate section of society could understand its importance. Also, a poster making competition has been organized by the school principal and the best poster will be awarded a cash prize.

The need of the hour is that all the destruction caused by humans can only be balanced through aforestation. Each one of you present here are requested to give each other saplings and plants as a token of love. Small initiatives by us will help us in making our planet greener and cleaner. In the end, I would like to say save trees, save a life.

Thank you.