Short Speech on Honesty is the Best Policy in English for Students and Children

Good morning! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear companions. I stand before u speak on the topic – honesty is the best policy.

As the proverb says honesty is regarded as one of the best tools to achieve anything in life. However, these days honesty is believed to be a hindrance in achieving success quickly. In today’s world honesty, is a rare quality.

Many people have started using unfair means to achieve success in life. However, they often forget that what they achieve through unfair means doesn’t last long; it is merely for a short period of time. The seeds of dishonesty reap a bitter harvest. Therefore, in the long run, honesty is the best policy.

As good habits are essential for a person to lead a disciplined life, honesty stands along with it. Besides being a virtue that should be practised, we should never forget that it is appreciated by all walks of society.

As it is rightly said by William Shakespeare, no legacy is so rich as honesty. It is always said that one should always speak the truth this way we don’t have to remember what we said. An honest person is always confident, whereas one lie gives birth to several more.

As parents are the first teacher in a child’s life. They should teach them to be honest all the time even if they are wrong. Being honest since childhood stays with us when we grow up and enable us to become better human beings and good citizens.

No individual should encourage lie, instead one should help others to speak the truth. We all can change society by being honest and positive.

In the end, I would like to say, my dear friends no matter how hard or bad a situation is one must always say the truth because the truth always wins over lies.

Thank you.