Short Speech on Computer in English for Students and Children

3 Minute Speech on Computer for School and College Students

Respected Principal, teachers and my dear classmates. A wonderful morning to all of you. Today we all have gathered here to celebrate this day, I would like to speak a few words on – ‘Computer’.

Needless to say how the computer has become an important part of our everyday life. Can we imagine our lives without it? I am sure the answer will be no!

Offices, schools, hospitals, governmental organizations, and non- governmental organizations, all are incomplete without it. Our work whether its school homework or office work or mother’s household work, all is dependent on the computer.

It has various uses. The medical field uses a computer to diagnose diseases. So far, they are able to find a cure for various diseases due to this computer. Even in the field of research, computers have brought a lot of changes. Whether its scientific research, social research, or space research, computers have helped in all of them. They have helped to keep a check on the environment, society, and space.

The Computer

Computers have also contributed to the most important sector of a country, i.e, defense. It helps the country’s security agencies to detect a threat that can be harmful in the future. The defense industry also uses to keep surveillance on our enemy.

A computer has many advantages, as I mentioned earlier but there is nothing in this world which has no disadvantages. Even computer which has become so important for us has disadvantaged such as hackers can steal the data and release it on the internet. Anyone can access this data.

Apart from this threat, there are other threats too. Such as threats like viruses, spams, bugs, etc. It has become an addiction too for many people. Even students spend a lot of their time sitting in front of computer screen playing games and watching movies.

We need to remind ourselves that excess of everything is bad. We should try and limit its use as it’s excessive use can be harmful to our eyes, back, brain and can lead to various problems too.

In the end, I would like to add that it is a boon and we can stop it to become bane if we use it cautiously. Thank you for lending me your ears.