Essay on Importance of computer

Since 1944, when Prof. Aikens of the Harvard University U.S.A., designed the first computer, we have come a long way. Today the world is on the threshold of a computer revolution. In fact, in the decades to come. computers are going to play a very crucial role in the life of man.

Already there is hardly any field of activity in which computers cannot help us. They are helping a man in a fantastic range of fields: agriculture, industry scientific research, machine design, banks, aviation, space research, medical diagnosis, traffic control and art and literature.

Computers have some special features which make them extremely useful to man. They are designed in such a way that they rarely make a take. Unlike human beings they do not get tired.

The same computer can do a variety of jobs. No wonder the computer is considered to be the greatest invention of man. Aided by computers, man has become capable of feats he had never dreamt of.

Computers have become indispensable in industry and business. They have been installed in business houses, offices. factories, hospitals, banks petrol pumps, railway stations, etc. and have taken the drudgery out of the life of the clerical staff.

The stuffy, overcrowded air and rail reservation offices in most cities are being replaced by air-conditioned ones that have neat rows of booking clerks seated behind terminals, punching out tickets rapidly.

In commercial and business houses they are keeping track of files and vital statistics, reviewing the achievement of targets, chalking out sale strategies, etc.

Modern medical diagnosis has become more accurate, precise and fast with the help of computers. Some of the most advanced tools are being used in medical research, diagnosis, treatment and investigation.

Machines like Cat Scan enable medical specialists to reproduce the body slice by slice and prepare films to ascertain the exact location of a disease, function of a particular organ in the body, detect any abnormalities, growth, etc. These tests help in detecting diseases like ulcers, cancers, in the early stages and have proved a real blessing to the modern man.

The development and application of computers has made space exploration possible. Spacecraft and satellites use computers to collect and transmit vast amount of data to the earth. Again the computers analyse and process this data, computers help us in the field of communication and forecasting of weather.

Agriculture is vastly benefitted by the use of computers. India has recently prepared its own super computer. It has been installed in the Indian Meteorological Department, New Delhi.

It will help in preparing weather forecasts for 3-10 days in advance. Besides, it is expected to be useful in the areas of health, agriculture and solid-state physics.

Computers have a great future in our country. India is already ranked among the leading countries producing advanced computers. Our computer industry is making progress by leaps and bounds. Its application in various fields is bound to bring about an industrial and agricultural revolution in our country.