Paragraph on Electricity

The most essential thing which has changed every aspect of human life, is nothing but the invention of electricity. The invention brings a huge change in our lifestyle and to the whole civilization.

Now it’s hard to live a single moment of our life without electricity because in modern life we are mostly dependent on it. From our household work to industry everything runs on electricity. It’s an excellent gift that science has given to us.

Electricity is nothing but power. It is produced from different sources like a coil, water plant, windmill, etc. Now there are other sources also available for producing electricity.

Electricity has brought a countless number of wonders. If we see the most useful thing which we use in our everyday life is fan and light. Think how a night could be without electricity or no fan in hot summer.

Due to light now we can do almost everything that we do in day light like study, indoor and outdoor games and many more activities.

The invention of electricity has advanced our communication system. Any device whether it is radio, television, mobile or computer all are runs on power.

Without electricity no fast communication is possible. It has helped us to travel fast with the invention of electric engines like Flight, Train and motor.

Another most important field that electricity has greatly impact is medical science. It has improved our healthcare system greatly. For example X-ray machine Ultra sound and many other machines that use in medical science which functions through electricity.

So if we see at our surroundings, in our everyday life we can find how lucky we are as a modern generation where electricity has added a number of comfort and ease to human life.