Essay on Earth

Earth is the planet where we live. It is the third planet among the eight planets of Sun and fifth largest among them. It is the only planet where human and other species can live. Essential substances like air, water and land supports life on earth.

Earth is made of rocks and came into existence billions of year ago. However, 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by water which we see as the ocean, sea, and rivers and remaining 30% is covered by land.

Like other planets earth also moves around the Sun in a fixed way called orbit. It takes 364 days and 6 hours to complete a round around the Sun. Which we count as a year.

Along with the movement, Earth also rotates on its axis from east to west and complete a rotation in 24 hours which we call a solar day. In that rotation, some of the places on earth face sun and other places get hide from the sun alternatively, which we experienced as day and night.

Earth is made up of three layers that is core, mantle and crust. The center is called Core which generally very hot. The outer layer is call crust and in between core and crust, the middle part is known as mantle. We live on outer layer which is made of rocks.

Along with human earth is home to millions of species and plants. The presence of water on the surface of the earth and air in the atmosphere makes life possible here. As only livable planet of the sun we should respect and protect our earth from our wrong practices.