My Favourite Toy Essay in English

My favourite toy is Jigsaw-Puzzle. I have three Jigsaw-Puzzles. One board has pictures of seven wonders of the world. The second puzzle has the pictures of Freedom Fighters and the third has the pictures of Animals.

In the first Jigsaw-Puzzle, I love to make Taj Mahal which is in India and also the Pyramids of Giza. I also love to complete the puzzle of animals. It has pictures of Dolphins, Panther, Giraffe and Polar Bear.

Every time I played it, I felt like I was completing the puzzle for the first time. I gained knowledge with this toy. I did not know the names of the seven wonders and in which country they were. Now I know everything about them. My favourite wonder is the Great Wall of China.

After I saw the Freedom Fighters, I asked my mother who they were. My mother the story of Freedom. I now know a lot about the history of our country.

The puzzle which has animal pictures also has some facts about those animals. Sometimes my father also plays with me. He told me that he also loved this game when he was a child.

I will now buy a puzzle which has pictures of flowers, my favourite cartoons or cars also. My mother said that this game will help me to concentrate. I will keep this even after I will get old.