Essay on School Vacation in English

Vacations are the fixed holiday period which are granted to students in between terms. It is one of the best ways to relax once in a while. It is a time period when students can take a short break from the routine. It is enjoyed by everyone because it brings joy and happiness.

This break help students in reducing stress. These holidays are granted in summer or winter season or in both the seasons. Vacations mean different things to different students. Some use this time to relax. They spend time with their family and friends or they go to their grandparents home. They meet their cousins and stay with them for some time.

Some students take a break from studies and follow their hobbies. These students join different classes to improve their skills. While some who love to draw and paint, join the art and class classes.

The choice of the classes differs with different interest or needs of the students. Some who love sports can join swimming, skating or table-tennis classes. Some also use this time to join tuition for any subject in which they are weak.

Students also travel to different places with their family. They travel and know about the culture and language of different places.

The teachers give holiday homework to students which they have to complete in the vacations. This is given so that the students remain connected with the habit of studying. The holiday homework can be done easily if the students can study for an- hour every day.

Vacations are very important for a healthy living. We human beings are not robot. One needs a break from the busy life so that one can use this time to do what one loves to do.