Essay on My Three Wishes

I have many wishes. I pray that some of them may come true. out of all the wishes, three are most important for me.

My first wish is to have a pencil that will turn everything that I draw, into real things. I would make so many things with that pencil. I would make chocolate and new clothes whenever I want and I would wear new clothes every day. I would make a bicycle and a lot of toys. I would also ask other people what they want and I would draw those things and give it to them.

My second wish is to fly like a bird. I love birds because they can fly when they want and they go wherever they want to go. Birds are free to fly and they are not like Aeroplanes and Kites. These things fly for only some time. Birds are independent. My favourite is the Eagle bird. It can fly very high in the sky. I wish I could become like it so that I could travel the whole world. I would see my city from above. I would love to fly in the clouds. There would be no noise there.

My third wish is to help poor people. I wish I could get lots of money in a big bag one day. I would take the money and give it to the poor people who ask for money on the roads. I would buy clothes and food for them. I would buy toys for children and they would play with them. They will be very happy and their parents will not be sad anymore.

My mother says that If I will study well, I would make them come true in some ways in my future.