Essay on Bicycle in English

I have a bicycle. It is a Hercules bicycle and it is black and green in colour. I bought it on my birthday, it was a gift from my father. It has a bell which I love to ring. When it was new, I was not allowed to take it outside my apartment.

I used to ride it in the evening with my other friends. But slowly I learned to ride it on busy road. Now I go to school on it with my classmates who live near my home. In the evening, after I come from tuition, I take my bicycle and go to a playground which is a little far from my home.

Me and my friend’s race with each other. I love to ride my bicycle as it feels like I am flying in the sky. Before I got it, I asked my father for a bicycle which has the gear. All of my friends had it but I did not.

My father asked me to first learn to ride the old bicycle properly without the side wheels. When I finally learned it, I was given this new bicycle.

I fell down a lot of times from this because I did not know how to turn it without the side wheels. I hurt myself on knees many times but slowly I became good at it.

Now I have attached beautiful flower stickers and the sticker of planets on it which I love. On the back, I have painted my name with my paints.

It has made my bicycle more beautiful and it looks different from every other bicycle. I love my bicycle because I feel independent when I ride it.

Questions on Bicycle

What is a bicycle used for?

Bicycle is used as a commuter to go from one place to another. Riding bicycle is good for health as it good exercise.

What are the disadvantages of cycling?

Cycling is a time consuming activity it is its main disadvantage.

Does cycling reduce weight?

Cycling is a good workout for reducing weight.