Importance of Travelling Essay

Travelling is going from one place to another. It is one of those activities which is loved by everyone. It brings joy and happiness. People travel to places with their family and friends and it makes them feel relaxed. There are a number of things which tell that travelling is very important.

When one travels, one can see new places. With travelling, one can explore different places which one has not seen before. One can meet new people there and can talk to them. One can share their stories and can know about their lifestyle.

Different places also have different foods which can be enjoyed. When someone travels, he/she gets to know about a new culture and also new languages. Each place has different festivals and traditions.

People speak different languages in which one can learn to speak. For example, In India, people in Bengal speak the Bengali language, In Odisha, people speak Odia language and in Andhra Pradesh, people speak Telegu.

Also, in China, people speak Mandarin and in Italy, people speak the Italian language. Thus, travelling is very important because it enhances one’s knowledge. It is an interesting and humble experience.

Travelling also lets a person experience different physical features of different places. One can enjoy Sea waves in one place or one can enjoy snowfall at another place.

Some places have jungles, mountains, waterfalls and other places that have huge buildings, wonders of the world, big industries or malls. Not just this, travelling is also important for mental health.

Travelling makes one happy. When one travels with one’s loved ones, one gets a break from routine life and the stress is reduced. Therefore, one must travel from time to time and see the world. It feels connected with other people and nature when one travels.