My Favourite Fruit Essay

Fruits make us very strong and keep us healthy for long. This tells us why we all should eat fruits. I love all the fruits but my favourite is Litchi.

Litchi belongs to the soapberry family. It is oval in shape and a little bigger than grapes in size. It has a red skin outside which is rough and has the white fleshy fruit inside which is eaten.

Litchi has only one seed like Mango. It is available in market in summer season. I love litchi because it is very tasty and juicy. It tastes sweet but not too sweet which I love the most about it because I don’t like fruits which are too sweet or too sour.

In summer, whenever I eat them, I feel refreshed. Litchis are sold in bunches. As they are small fruits, I eat ten litchis at one time. Litchi is rich in vitamin C and it is a good source of fibre and so it is very good for health.

Our family eat Litchis after dinner as dessert. It is a happy moment. We all talk with each other and enjoy eating Litchis. My father knows that I love them and he brings them to me every day in summer.

My mother removes the seed before I eat them. I eat it in a big bowl so that I do not spill its juice on my clothes. Its juice makes hands and clothes sticky. My mother also makes Litchi milkshake for me. Sometimes she also makes Litchi ice-cream or jam for me. I love Litchi in all form.