My Garden Essay

A Garden is a lawn where plants are cultivated. I have a small garden at the back of my home. It is my favourite place in the house.

My garden has all types of plants and some trees. It has vegetable plants of tomatoes, peas, green chilies and leafy vegetables like coriander and spinach. It also has flower plants like rose, marigold, and sunflower. There are two Guava and one Neem tree.

One of the walls is covered with Climbers. My garden looks beautiful altogether. It also has a swing which I love the most. Sometimes in the evening, I sit on the swing with my mother and spend time in my garden.

Having a garden is very helpful for keeping good health. There are a lot of plants and so we get fresh air because of them. In the morning when we go to the garden, the smell of the flowers refreshes us.

Because of our garden, many birds come there for food and twigs. I feel pleasant when I look at them. I feel connected with nature.

In the rainy season, many Beetles and Leeches come inside our home from the garden. A lot of hard work is needed to maintain it. In summer, we need to water it two times in a day.

In the autumn season, we sweep every day and remove the leaves which fall down. But all this is less in front of the peace that it gives us. I believe every house should have a garden.