My Favourite Pet Rabbit Essay

Animals are man’s best friend. I love all the animals but Rabbits are my favourite. I have a pet Rabbit. Her name is Zara and she is white in colour.

She was given to me as a gift by my uncle. She has beautiful red eyes and her paws have brown colour on the edges. She is intelligent and full of energy. I play with her when I go back home after school.

When I wake up in the morning, I go and spend time with her. I give her coriander leaves which she loves the most. Sometimes she comes to me before I wake up and hops on my bed. I take her to walk every morning.

I keep her in a basket which I decorated myself. Her ears are very sharp, she listens to us even when we whisper in night and comes to play with us. Sometimes, to tease her, I scare her with stuffed toys and she freezes herself out of fear. She looks so cute and innocent when she gets scared that I cuddle her a lot after that.

My Rabbit likes to dig in our backyard. When she makes a burrow, she hides herself init. She gets very happy when I find her in it. It is her favourite game.

She loves to eat fresh leafy vegetable and also carrots are her favourite. She enjoys rain a lot. Whenever it rains, she becomes very excited and goes out in the garden.

To keep her clean, I brush her every day and clip her nails in three days. My rabbit is my best friend and I love her the most.