My Favourite Cartoon Essay

Watching cartoons is the best time of my day. Watching them is like meeting my friends. All of them make me happy but my favourite cartoon is ‘Doraemon’.

Doraemon is the name of a robot cat who is from 22 nd century. He travels back in time and comes to the house of Nobita Nobi to help him. He loves Dora cakes and he is scared of a mouse.

Doraemon has a pocket that has all the gadgets of his time and he uses them to help Nobita. He gets these gadgets from the Future Department Store. This is what I love about this cartoon.

It makes every episode very interesting because he uses new gadgets in each episode. Nobita scores poor grades and his classmates Gian and Suneo bully him.

Doraemon is a great friend. He helps Nobita in his studies and gives his gadgets to him which helps him to fight back Gian and Suneo. After the Doraemon, my favourite is Shizuka. She is Nobita’s best friend and she is very kind and beautiful.

My favourite gadgets are Bamboo Copter, which is a small head-gear. When they put it on their head, they can fly. I also love Anywhere Door which is a pink color door. Anyone can go wherever they want with this door. Time Kerchief is a handkerchief that can make any man old or young.

Nobita and Doraemon are best friends of each other. Nobita also tries to help Doraemon whenever he can. This cartoon gives me knowledge about science and teaches me about moral values.