An Event in School Essay

A school organises many events where students can participate. These events help the students to discover their talents. It is always a happy and memorable moment to participate in these events.

My favourite event is the Annual Function. It is organised in the month of September in my school. This year I participated in Drama. The event name was “The Mirage”. It told the story of a Fisherman and his greedy wife. I played the role of a Golden Mermaid. On that day, our teachers asked us to do makeup at home and then come to school.

All the drama students were then given the costumes. We all then went to the backstage. The event began after the parents took their seats.

First, the prizes were distributed to the students. I got a certificate for holding second position in Essay writing competition. Then our Principal announced on the stage that the story – ‘The Mirage’ will begin. The story began and after that a dance performance took place. I was standing in the stage wing because after the performance it was my chance to go on the stage.

I went and spoke my dialogues. When I came back, my teacher patted my back and said that she loved my performance. We were then given the refreshments at the backstage. We also played games with our teachers.

After a song performance, a photograph was clicked of all the participants on stage. In the end, our Principal congratulated the students and the teachers who were in charge. After that, we all went to meet our parents. I introduced my parents to my teachers. Then we changed our costumed. It was a wonderful event. I will cherish it forever.