If I were a Tree Essay

“He who plants a tree plants a hope”. Trees are the source of life. If I were a tree, I would have loved to be a fruit tree in a garden. I would have been the son of mother Nature. I would spread my branches in all directions. I would be so helpful to everyone on the earth because I would give oxygen. I would give fruits to all birds and men.

A hungry man could have taken my fruits to fill his stomach. I would be able to see the nests of the birds and their babies closely and I would become their home. Tired people would come and sit under me for some time and save themselves from harsh sunlight. They all would love me and bless me. I could listen to these people and their talks. I would laugh on their jokes and would have cried for anything sad that I would hear. I would listen to a lot of stories and songs when people would pass by me.

Children would love to climb on me and I would make them happy when they would play around me or swing on my branches. I would be seeing so far easily because of my height.

But I am afraid that if I were a Tree, I would be scared that human beings would cut my family and friends. They would cut everyone around me and plant no trees again. There would be less oxygen in the environment then and the lives of animals and human beings would be in danger. I would wish that there would be more trees like me who would help everyone.