A Visit to a Park in English

A park is a place where we can sit, walk or play with friends and family. There are a lot of plants and trees and the ground has grass all over. I visited the ‘Hathi Park’ in Lucknow in winter vacations.

It was a very big park and it also had different swings for children. On the entry gates, there was a big board hanging above. It was written on the board that the park was built in the memory of B.R. Ambedkar. There were a lot of people in the park.


Children were playing games and some people were there for a picnic. We carried Ball and Discus Throw with us. My parents sat on a bench and my brother and I went to play. We threw and caught the disc and after that, we played with the ball. We then asked our mother to take us on the Elephant Statue. We climbed the statue and we could see the entire park from there.

My father clicked many pictures of us. After that, we went on to the playground to enjoy the Swings. We swung on Sea-Saw and then I went to a Slide which is my favourite. We joined other children on Merry-go-round and laughed a lot. My parents then asked us to eat something and we went to the Food Stalls. We ate oodles and I had Chocolate Shake. After we were full, we all went for a walk.

There we saw many types of flowers there were Tulips, Daffodils and Roses of all colours. The wall was covered with Climbers and it looked beautiful. After coming back from the park, I told my mother how much I loved that park and she promised that she will me take me there again soon.