Uncle Podge Hangs a Picture Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


‘Uncle Podger Hangs A Picture’ is a comedic depiction of how the writer’s family performed everyday activities. Uncle Podger places a painting on the wall, according to the story. The entire house is thrown into chaos throughout this activity. He felt self-assured, believing that he was the finest candidate for the job. Uncle Podger just managed to hang the picture on the wall, distorted and unstable, around midnight, after a few minor accidents and injuries. Uncle Podger, on the other hand, was pleased with his work. All of this demonstrates that he is a charming, wonderful individual who is, nonetheless, useless!

About The Author

Jerome  Klapka Jerome was an English writer and humourist who is best known for the comedy travelogue Three Men in a Boat,  Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow and Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow are two essay collections; Three Men on the Bummel is a sequel to Three Men on a Boat; and numerous more novels are among his other works.

Clumsy Uncle Podger!

Uncle Podger had received a picture from the framers, which he chose to display on the wall. He unbuttoned his coat and instructed the girl to fetch nails, trailed by one of the lads who dashed over to inform her of the nail size. He yelled that he needed a hammer and that Tom should bring him a measuring ruler. He listed the stepladder, kitchen chair, spirit level, picture cord, and picture to everyone else in the house at the same time.

Uncle Podger dropped the painting, shattering the glass and injuring himself. In this agony, he looked for his handkerchief, that he had hidden in the pocket of his coat, which he had removed. He couldn’t recall where he’d stashed the coat. He quickly realized he was sitting on it. He criticized others for being unproductive while wrapping his finger with a handkerchief for half an hour. Along with the other equipment, the new glass frame for the photo came. As Uncle Podger mounted the ladder, everyone in the house, including the girl and the cleaning lady, formed a semi-circle.

Each family member helped him in climbing up and handed him the nail and hammer. Uncle Podger, unfortunately, lost the nail, and everyone began looking for it. The hammer vanished as soon as the nail was found. He scolded all seven members for it. Uncle Podger would eventually forget where he had drawn points when they recovered the hammer. If they gave any of  their recommendations, he referred to them as “fools.” He took the ruler and re-measured it, practically yelling as he tried to figure it out. He tripped and fell while measuring, slipping on a piano. His rage was tremendous, and he used profane (harsh) words to express it.

However, he tried to hammer the nail into the wall once again and crushed his thumb with the hammer. The hammer landed on someone’s toes, causing them to scream in pain. Aunt Maria, Uncle Podger’s wife, writes down that the next time her husband intended to hammer a nail, she would stay with her mother for a week until he finished the job. Uncle Podger’s sloppiness is comically highlighted in this manner. Uncle Podger remarks that ladies are overly concerned about everything, and that he loved hanging the picture. The unflustered man slammed the nail into the wall, causing damage.

However, it was now beyond midnight, and the painting was hanging crookedly. The remainder of the wall appeared to be in shambles. Except for Uncle Podger, everyone in the family was exhausted and unhappy. He looked  really pleased with his job. He concludes by questioning why someone would hire a professional to do something as simple as hang a painting. He is unconcerned about the suffering he has caused his entire family.