The Beauty and the Beast Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


“The Beauty And The Beast” is a heart-warming tale about the origin of love and how it may change the way you see the people you care about. The lesson of this fable is that a person’s beauty comes from the heart filled with love, and that once the beauty recognizes the beast’s true beauty and the emotion it possesses, the beast’s exterior appearance no longer matters to her. This is a story of real love, and how it can turn a beast into a prince. Every individual we regard to be our soul mate is a lovely prince or princess in actual life, not only in fairy tales.

Lost Wealth, A Palace And Roses…

The story begins with a little girl who lived with two of her sisters and her father. They lived in a giant house and had a lovely life, but her father lost all of his money owing to a series of tragic circumstances. They were compelled to downsize their residence. Belle kept her unhappiness to herself and did her best to support her family as the two sisters lamented for their previous lives.

One day, their father learned that if one of the ships return, he might be able to retrieve a share of his inheritance. The two sisters began to demand a variety of things, but all Beauty wanted was for her father to return safely. He still managed to get Belle to tell him what she desired. So, after several attempts, she requested him for a unique rose that grows nowhere else in the country.

When their father reached, he discovered that his ships had been commandeered in order to settle his debts. He couldn’t even buy presents for his daughters because he didn’t have any money on him. He made the decision to return to his home country. The father got distracted on his journey and landed himself at a palace. He took shelter in the palace, which was piled high with platters of food and beverages. He stayed there for the night. 

A Hideous Beast

He was about to depart when he noticed some lovely roses and chose one to take with him, for Belle. The beast seized him at that point, and the father, pleading for his life, said that the rose was for his daughter, Belle. The beast was enraged because he had provided food and shelter to the man, and the man wanted to take his treasured possession. Finally, the beast agreed to set him free on the condition that he deliver one of his daughters to the castle. The beast returned him with jewels, presents, and roses for his daughters, but he insisted that his daughter stay with him.

Belle’s Luxurious Life

When he got home, he didn’t want to tell Belle what had happened, but she pushed him to tell her the truth. On finding out, she agreed to go to the castle. When Belle arrived at the castle, the beast inquired as to whether she had come of her own free will, which she confirmed. The beast happily embraced Belle and promised to serve her as her servant and crown her princess. Belle’s life had become extravagant. She got her own room and was treated like royalty. She was lavishly fed and clothed by the beast. Only the beast’s voice was heard by Belle. They grew to appreciate each other’s company as time passed. Every night, the beast would propose to her and ask her to marry him.

Belle would always say no since she saw herself marrying a handsome prince rather than an ugly beast. Belle was also concerned that the beast was hiding the prince within the castle. She searched all over the palace but couldn’t see anything or anyone that looked like a prince. Belle got homesick after several months of luxury. She pleaded with the beast to allow her to see her family. The beast consented and gave her permission to go for a week. With a mirror and a ring, Belle left the castle. The mirror would allow her to view what was going on in the castle, and the ring, if twisted three times, would instantly transport her there.

The Beauty And The Beast

Belle’s sisters were envious of her lavish lifestyle when she came home. As a result, they plotted for her to get into trouble. They pretended to cry in order to persuade her to stay a little longer. Belle gave in and agreed to stay a little longer. She did, however, feel bad about breaching her promise with the beast. She looked in the mirror and saw a devastated beast. She returned to the castle right away.

She noticed that the beast was on the verge of death. She sobbed as she confessed his love for him. When a drop of her tears fell on the beast, he instantly converted into a prince. The prince then revealed that he had once been turned into an ugly beast by a fairy who had cast a spell on him. True love was the only remedy for the curse. The prince and Belle married and lived happily ever after.