Mowgli Among the Wolves Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


The story that follows is written by Rudyard Kipling. It’s from his novel, ‘The Jungle Book.’ Mowgli is a fictitious character that appears in Rudyard Kipling’s book, ‘The Jungle Book.’  He is an untamed youngster from Seeonee, Madhya Pradesh, India’s Pench region. This narrative depicts the emotions and sentiments of a wolf pack after they adopt Mowgli, a man’s cub.

The Events In The Forest

At Seeonee Hills one evening, it was quite warm. Father wolf had just awoken, itching himself and stretching. Mother wolf curled up next to her whimpering cubs. It was time for Father Wolf to hunt once again. Tabaqui, the jackal, had just passed him by. The Indian wolves loathed the jackal, but they were also terrified of him. When Tabaqui became enraged, even the tigers would run. The jackal struck up a discussion with the wolf’s family members. He informed them that Sher Khan, the colossal tiger, will be hunting in their neighbourhood shortly. This infuriated Father Wolf, who said that Sher Khan should not have changed his hunting quarters without warnings. The jackal, on the other hand, overlooked Father Wolf’s worries and fled. The wolves in the valley heard the tiger’s hoarse, furious, and snarly whine. Father wolf continued to be upset. Mother wolf had just informed him that Sher Khan planned to hunt a man that night. This terrified the Father Wolf. 

He wondered if Sher Khan had any more animals to kill now that he had to hunt a man. Father wolf went out a few yards and caught Sher Khan mumbling fiercely in his scrubs. Sher Khan jumped into a woodcutter’s bonfire and burned his foot, he observed. Mother wolf alerted Father wolf to some activity at that time. Right in front of them, a man appeared. They called him a ‘man’s cub.’ A brown child, clinging to a low branch, gazed into Father Wolf’s eyes. Mother wolf requested that he bring it to her.

A Man’s Cub!!!

Sher Khan came into their cave and warned them that a man’s cub was on the loose and that its parents had escaped. Father Wolf objected, claiming that wolves are free to roam, free to keep the cub and they do not follow commands from striped creatures. Sher Khan shrieked angrily. This outraged Mother Wolf, who sprang forward with blazing eyes. Sher Khan backed down and left the cave because he knew she would fight him to death.

The new born was adopted by the wolf family, who named him Mowgli, the Frog. The lone grey wolf, Akela, inquired as to who would answer for the cub. Baloo, the bear, stood and said that he would teach and defend the cub. Akela agreed and asked who else might speak on his behalf. The Black Panther, Bagheera, backed him. Bagheera would not be crossed, everyone knew. Everyone in the council felt that men and their cubs were intelligent, and that this would benefit them in the coming decades. That is how Mowgli became a member of the Seeonee wolf pack.