True Height Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 9th


‘True Height’ is a short story. It revolves around Michael Stone, an athlete, and his awe-inspiring story behind his sports career.

About the Author:

This short story is written by David Naster. 


The theme of this short story is motivation. Michael Stone acts as an inspiration, how those who are disabled can achieve in life as well, if they dreamed hard enough and worked hard for it as well. 



The story begins with Michael Stone, extremely nervous. That day was the most crucial in his life for he had to pole-vault over a 17 feet pole in front of about twenty thousand people, which was three inches higher than his personal best. He called it his ‘quest’, to perform such a feat in the National Junior Olympics. 

To Fly:

It had always been Michael’s dream to fly, to soar like an eagle. Pole-vaulting offered him the same sensation. The story states how this desire of his had stemmed because of the stories that his mother had told him, how they were always from a ‘bird-like’ perspective filled with colours. 

Hard Work:

In contrast to the dreamer that his mother was, his father Bert Stone was a realist. He believed that hard work was the key to success. From the age of fourteen thus, Michael worked hard, working out daily with the help of his coach. He also did help with farm chores for his family, thus balancing him passion and persistence with the same. 

National Record:

All his hard work and determination paid off that day. Michael cleared all his vaults with ease, surpassing his own personal record. The bar was raised to nine inches higher than his record after all! Although afraid, seventeen-year-old Michael swallowed his fears. Recalling his dream, he vaulted over successfully, amidst people’s cheers! At 17 6 ½ inches, Michael set both National and International Junior Olympics record. A great revelation happens as the story draws to an end- all the cheers were not only because of his record. 

Michael was blind.


This is an awe-inspiring short story. Michael’s achievement proves to be motivational to readers, urging them to overcome the hurdles in life to achieve what they want, come what may.