Little Bobby Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 9th


‘Little Bobby’ is a humorous short story. It is about a naughty young boy and the ways he devises in order to get what he wanted for his birthday!

About the Author:

This short story was written by eminent author Ritcha Rao. 


The theme of this short story is humour. The author brings out humour through the mischievous actions of Little Bobby, a young boy. 


The Red Bike:

The story begins with Little Bobby, a troublemaker, asking his mother a red bike as a present for his birthday. His mother asked him if he thought he deserved the present, for which Bobby promptly replied that he did. Aware of his mischievous ways, she wished to teach him a lesson to make him understand that he was a naughty boy. So, she asked him to write a letter to God, stating the reason why he thought he deserved the red bike. 

Bobby’s Letters:

As his mother said, Bobby goes upstairs to write a letter, his dog Jessy watching his actions silently. By the end of writing three letters, Bobby realizes that he, after all, does not deserve to have a gift for he had been a bad boy. He writes one more, stating that he wants the gift despite not having been good. However, the letter leaves him sure that if he sends it, he wouldn’t get a gift.

Mother Mary: 

Upset, Bobby goes down to tell his mother that he wished to go to the church. Thinking her lesson worked, she agrees. Bobby went to the church, steals a small statue of Mother Mary, he rushes back home only to write one last letter- threatening God that he’d kidnapped his mother and would release her only if he got his gift!


This is a humourous story that details on how naughty little children can be. Bobby’s mother’s life lessons backfired!