The Ham Radio Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 9th


‘The Ham Radio’ is a short prose piece. As the title suggests, it details on what a ham radio is and how crucial it is during natural calamities. 

About the Author:

The author of this text is unknown.


The theme of this text is disaster management. It details on how invaluable ham radios are in efficient communication and help in saving thousands of lives. The text even encourages people to take up a job as an amateur radio operator in order to improve disaster management.


Communication and Natural Disasters:

Effective communication is crucial during times of calamities for they are the key to efficient disaster management. Disaster management crews must thus be adequately equipped for at turbulent times such as earthquakes and volcanoes, normal modes of communication would be useless, even underground ones as signal would get disrupted. A ham radio comes into rescue at dire situations such as these. 

Amateur Radio:

Ham radios, or amateur radios as they are otherwise called, prove to be beyond valuable during calamities as the high frequency (HQ) they possess allows for messages to be conveyed over long distances. This allows for crucial information to be passed along as well to help people attain safety. 


This is handled by amateur radio operators who are well acquainted with its usage. Practically impossible to fail, these ham radios can be equipped with automobile batteries. Amateur radio operators thus improvise and make use of multitudes of frequencies to can quickly establish networks for communication. The text goes on to give various success stories of amateur radios including 2001 Gujarat earthquake, 2003 North America Blackout, and 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean. 


The text concludes by detailing on how one can become an amateur radio operator, how they ought to qualify in an examination conducted by Ministry of Communications, Government of India and obtain license for operating/possessing a Radio Station. It details further on this and provides sources for the same, thus stressing on the need for effective communication for good disaster management.