The Storeyed House (Part – I) Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 10th


  1. Bayaji: The main protagonist who has just retired and is returning to his village.
  2. Bhujaba: A known rascal of the village.
  3. Bayaji’s wife: A caring and loving wife.
  4. Bayaji’s mother: A eighty-five-year-old mother.


Waman Govind Hoval, one of the most renowned Marathi writers conveys a strong heart-touching message of a Dalit family through the story, ‘The Storeyed House’. This portrays the worst scene of the caste system, but a powerful enrichment of Dalits from nowhere, a view of hope prevailing within them. Waman Hoval draws the picture of the caste- wicked society very well. He frantically mixes the emotional elements of a house-warming function being turned into a funeral.


Bayaji’s retirement

Bayaji, a Dalit, left his native village to work as a labourer in the dockyard of Bombay. After reaching the age of sixty he retired and brought back his life savings to settle in his ancestral village. As he was heading towards his house with his belongings Bhujaba came towards him. Since Bayaji was a Mahar by caste he should greet Bhujaba by saying “My humble salutations to you sir, who is my father and mother” became furious by Bayaji’s “greetings. Bayaji was confused and thought of knocking Bahujaba with his box but realized he can’t afford to do so. After his encounter with Bahujaba Jayaji was proud of being the owner of two and half thousand rupees in cash.

Bayaji reaches Buddha Vihar

The children playing were happy to see their “Baiju Nana”. Bayaji’s eighty-five-year-old mother had quickly scrambled feet as her son had returned. Bayaji’s wife was happy to see him and took down the box that he was carrying. Bayji had eight children, six sons, and two daughters and they were doing pretty well in life. All his children wondered what their father must have brought with his lifetime earnings.

Bayaji was amused by such childish behaviours as even his daughters had children. Bayaji had other plans, he wanted to build a storeyed house. He had imbibed many new ideas through his three decades and a half sojourn in the metropolitan city of Bombay. And he was also keen to demonstrate to his village community that he had done well and was successful. He wanted to use his life savings to do something that he had always wished for his family. He announced his plan boldly and with pride. The family was overjoyed. The plans were drawn up and the foundation of the storeyed house was laid on an auspicious day.


The story is basically about a father who wants to build a new storied house for his family; however, his untouchable class serves as a problem. The main issue that is portrayed in this short story is that many Indians are treated badly and are living in very bad conditions due to being an untouchable, the lowest class of the caste system.