The Dear Departed (Part – II) Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 10th


  1. Abel Merryweather: The father of Elizabeth and Amelia
  2. Amelia Slater: Daughter of Abel Merryweather
  3. Elizabeth Jordan: Other Daughter of Abel Merryweather
  4. Henry Slater: Husband of Amelia
  5. Ben Jordan: Husband of Elizabeth
  6. Victoria Slater: Daughter of Amelia


‘The Dear Departed II’ is the continuation of the first part of the play where everyone thinks that Grandpa Able Merryweather was dead and they had gathered to discuss the distribution of his belongings and property. While they were about to discuss, Mr. Able Merryweather appeared in front of them, turns out he wasn’t actually dead.


Mr. Able was unconscious, not dead

The door opens and Grandpa, Able Merryweather time enters. They can’t believe their eyes. He comes forward to shake hands with his son-in-law, Ben Jordon. He retreats with Mr. Jordon to a safe distance. Mrs. Slater pushes it with her hand to see if it’s solid. Only Victoria is happy to see her grandpa alive. Mr. Abel Merry Weather asks Ms. Slater about her new slippers.

Mrs. Slater rips off her husband’s slippers and gives them to her father. Abel Merry Weather asks them why they are in mourning. Mrs. Slater makes up an excuse and says Ben’s brother is dead and they are going to his funeral. Abel Merry Weather says, perhaps, that they were waiting for him. Then he told them to sit down and have some tea. He says there is nothing serious. Due to the excessive consumption of alcohol, he had become unconscious. Then he asks Mrs. Slater and Henry what they’ve done with his desk. Mrs. Jordan (Elizabeth) explains everything that happened to him. Elizabeth blames her sister for stealing.

Mr. Abel will marry Mrs. John Shorrocks

The two sisters begin to quarrel. Their integrity is exposed Grandfather comes to know the reality. He told them he would change his will. He would give his money and his things to whoever he lived with. The two sisters try to persuade him to live with them but he says it is a bit late. He says he will do three things next Monday. He will go to the lawyer and change the will, pay the premium and marry Mrs. John Shorrocks, who runs the Ring-o-Bells at St. Philips Church. He invites them all to attend the celebration of the marriage.

Finally, Abel Merry Weather says thanks to Mrs. Slater for moving the desk because it will be easy to transport to Ring-O-Bells and the dear is gone from there. The only “human” character in the play is the young granddaughter who is not yet touched by the basic intentions and falsehoods of the adult world.


The irony in the play is that the grandfather is dear to no one. They only wanted his property. They also curse him for not paying his insurance premium and neither is he dead for leaving. This is the irony of the play. In this play money is dear to, the two sisters but the truth revealed in front of Abel, the money never left them.