The Great Sacrifice – a Play Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 8th


The lesson “The great sacrifice”consists of four major characters-Panna, (The nurse of the infant Udai Singh),Padma and Champa were Maids, and Banbir was a half-brother of Udai Singh.

Panna and Padma were worried about the political situation in Mewar. Banbir, the half brother of the prince, had become tyrannical and had killed many nobles.Everyone was scared of him. After the death of Ranaji everyone was in grief. Even the nobles became self-centred and there was discontent among the people and in the army. Though Banbir was not admired by anyone but nobody opposed him due to the lack of bravery and courage. Panna compared him to a snake. She called Banbir an ungracious person, and a curse to Mewar.

The Pledge

Padma informed her that Banbir was planning to kill prince, Udai Singh and become the permanent Rana of Mewar. After hearing this, Panna vowed that she would save the prince. Panna even recalled the day on which she had promised the dying queen, the mother of Udai Singh, that she would give her life to save the life of the prince.

The great Sacrifice

While Panna and Padma were talking, Champa, another maid, came in hurry. She informed Panna that she had seen Banbir rushing towards the bed chamber of the prince with a sword in his hand. Panna requested Champa and Padma to help her. She changed the clothes of Udai Singh and put him in a basket and then covered him with flowers and leaves. She asked Padma and Champa to take the basket out of the palace and to hide themselves near the gate.

Champa was afraid that no one in Mewar would help them. Panna assured them saying that they would go to Asa Shah, a good and reliable man. Panna was confident that he would definitely protect the prince. The maids went away with the prince in the basket. Panna dressed her own son in the clothes of Udai Singh and put him on the prince’s bed. She kissed him a number of times and laid down on the bed. Banbir came in hurriedly and asked her where the prince was. She pointed to the bed where her own child was sleeping. Banbir, without thinking, rushed towards the bed and killed the child with his sword. Panna cried aloud and fell on her son’s body. Banbir went out.

In this way,Panna saved the life of prince Udai Singh and kept her promise by sacrificing the life of her own son.