King Sindbad and his Falcon – From the Arabian Nights Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 8th


The story “King Sindbad and his Falcon” is about a king named Sindbad,who was very fond of racing and hunting. He had brought up a falcon as pet,who never left his side and remained faithful till her last breath. The king had put a golden cup tied around her neck to provide her drink during hunting.

The Genius Falcon

One day,the Falcon informed the King that it was the perfect time for hunting. The king liked her suggestion and set out with his hunting troop.He went to a valley and spread a net. Soon, a gazelle was trapped in the area covered by the net. The king’s men started closing in to catch the gazelle. The king warned his men to not let the gazelle escape.

He even threatened to punish the person who let the gazelle escape the net with death. The scared gazelle moved towards the king and suddenly jumped over his head and escaped. The furious king declared that he would not return until he caught the gazelle. He set out on his horse. The falcon rose high up into the air and spotted the running gazelle. She swooped down on the gazelle and blinded it with her sharp claws. The king killed the gazelle with his mace. The king stripped the gazelle’s skin, put it across his saddle. It was a hot afternoon and all were thirsty, but there was no sign of water anywhere.

The Remorseful regret

Finally, the king came across a tree and saw some kind of liquid falling through the leaf of the tree. He collected the liquid and put it before the falcon to drink. But the falcon overturned the cup. The king once again filled the cup and placed it in front of the bird. Again, the bird refused to drink it. Then the tired king put the filled cup in front of his horse. The falcon did not even let the horse drink it.

The king became furious and cut off the falcon’s wings for neither drinking the water nor letting the horse drink it. The falcon cried out in pain. The bird then made the king aware of the poisonous viper lying high up in the tree. The king then realised that the dripping liquid was actually poison coming out of the viper. The king was remorseful for cutting off the wings of his humble, faithful and beloved falcon.

He returned to the camp with the falcon sitting on his fist. As soon as they reached the camp, the falcon, unable to bear up any more pain, suddenly gasped and succumbed to death. The king repented and cried aloud at the death of his pet falcon,who actually had saved his life.