All The World Her Stage Lesson Summary and Explanation in English Class 8th


This chapter will look at a brief biography of Sai Paranjpye, a well-known cinema figure from Pune, Maharashtra. She has directed a multitude of television shows. She garnered the National Award for Best Documentary dedicated to a social purpose. Her films are relevant even today.

Sai and her world of creativity

In this narrative, she was 6-7 years old. She was accompanied by an elderly gentleman. They were playing and skipping. Sir R.P.Paranjpye, her grandfather, was the elderly gentleman with her. He was the first senior wrangler in India. Sai Paranjpye lost both of her parents when she was a child. Her grandfather was the one who looked after her. He acted as her guardian while she grew up. She addressed him as Appa.

Appa challenged her with easy math problems and fables. Fairy tales, Arabian nights, and Birbal’s stories are among the fables. But she was only interested in storytelling, not mathematics.

Sai once requested her Appa to tell a tale, but he instead asked her to narrate one. She agreed to do so. On her own, she told a fairy tale filled with dragons, princesses, talking parrots and hidden treasures. After hearing the story, Appa inquired about where she had read it. She admitted to have made up the tale. Appa was rather impressed on hearing that.

That was the start of Sai’s incredibly creative spark. When she was eight years old, “Mulancha Mera” her first book of fairy tales, had been published. Her passion for literature increased gradually. Her Appa instilled in her the love and passion for literature.

Sai was a plump and chubby child, and her friends mocked her, saying that she was unfit for any activity. Meanwhile, she found a way to engage her friends instead of feeling discouraged by their comments. She gathered her companions and told them a tale about a magical island abounding with hidden treasures. They were likewise willing to take on roles and follow her instructions.

She was fascinated by dolls’ weddings, which is a Maharashtra tradition. Sai’s mother planned a doll wedding one day. Sai took up the role of “mother” to the bride. That little girl, who played the mother and loved drama, grew up to be a film director and theatre personality.

This chapter highlights the fact, that Sai grandfather instilled in her an appreciation for books and the wisdom they carry. He also served as a guiding light for her in starting her career.