The Bahu Fort Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


Built by Raja Bahulochan over three thousand years ago, the chapter provides a visual tour of the Bahu Fort residing along the banks of the river Tawi. 

The Beauty of Bahu

The fort is located at a height of 325 mm, directly across from Jammu’s ancient town. The fort structure features sturdy sandstone and lime walls. It consists of eight octagonal towers. The first story, like a Baradari, is richly built with arches and painted with magnificent floral motifs. A temple and its grounds, known as the Bawey wali Mata shrine, are also a centre of religious ardour. Pilgrims flood the temple every Tuesday and Sunday. The city may be seen from the terraced gardens, which offer a spectacular vista.

A popular picnic place that surrounds the Bahu Fort is Bagh-e-Bahu, a majestic park with large lawns elegantly filled with flowers and plants. The fort has proven to become a prominent picnic site and a notable tourist destination. Mela Bahu Fort is one of the most renowned fairs, held throughout the months of March and April. 

The festival is a vibrant affair during which a substantial mass of people flock to the Bahu fort’s temple to seek divine favours. There is a wide variety of activities and meals for both children and adults. Children are enthralled by the antics of the monkeys and snake charmers.


All in all, it is refreshing to learn about new places and especially those with historical importance. It intrigues one to explore their country and take pride in its rich cultural and architectural heritage.