Fetching the Doctor Lesson Summary Notes and Explanation in English Class 7th


In the darkness of the night, Hamlin is urgently asked to fetch a doctor for his father. 

Riding for Relief

It was one in the night when Hamlin’s mother called for him. Her voice was panicked and the call she made was urgent. His sick father who was in great pain urgently needed a doctor. Hamlin wasted no time and carefully rushed out to the barn. The dark night terrified him but he was a soldier and could not fail in his duty so he saddled his young mare Kittie and off they raced towards the doctor’s abode.

The darkness diminished his sense of direction but he trusted Kittie, his partner in races.  The only distance he was able to measure was through the barks of the neighbourhood dogs. The memory of his mother’s worried face and father’s pained cry fuelled him to keep going and push his ride harder. Upon finally reaching the doctor, Hamlin was greeted by the doctor. The mere fact that a soldier was requesting his aid at this hour, was enough to indicate the sobriety of the situation and the doctor complied. 

While Hamlin rode slowly on his horse, the doctor travelled in his carriage driven by powerful horses. As the doctor overtook Hamlin, he told the boy to relax. This assurance was all that Hamlin needed and he visibly eased, content that his father would receive aid and his mother relief, soon.


The chapter narrates a short episode but succeeds in presenting the temperament of the protagonist. Although awakened from his sleep, Hamlin is not in the least annoyed but rather alarmed and quick to respond. It presents just the type of son he is, responsible and caring. Throughout the episode, it is understood just how much his parents suffering disturbed him and how content he was once he knew they would receive relief. He most certainly with sheer excellence carried out his duty as a responsible son and soldier.